Lord Swaminarayan viz. Sahajanand Swami is the source of spontaneous divine happiness. Lord Swaminarayan manifested on this earth and relieved numerous souls from the trouble of worldly life and by making them free from doubt, depression and the darkness of ignorance, He made their lives auspicious by spreading light of spiritual bliss in their life-span.

Whose speech is auspicious,
Whose laughter too is auspicious,
Whose pair of eyes is auspicious,
and arm too are auspicious.
Auspicious is Whose face,
and so auspicious is His walk,
O Lord having such Figure full of auspiciousness,
may You fill this world with auspiciousness!

This hymn contains a prayer which rises into the morning sky along with the scented smell rising from the scanted stick. May Lord Swaminarayan Whose speech, laughter, eyes, arms, face, walk and entire figure are auspicious, bless this world by showering His all pervasive auspiciousness.

Some 234 years ago Lord Swaminarayan had manifested on this earth and showered the pleasure of His life sports to many souls He had removed the darkness of ignorance from the interior of numerous souls.

All auspicious sports and sacred preachings of the Lord have been treasured safely by Nand Saints in their invaluable volumes.

Some 185 years have been passed after the departure of Lord Swaminarayan (since He left for His abode Akshardham); yet one can feel the touch of His nearness in His idol and in the holy volumes written by Nand Saints!

This is our humble, devotional effort to put on this website the informations in terms of various articles, literature, audios, videos, animations expressing the core principles based on the authentic original scriptures of our Holy Fellowship.

We hope and pray to the Lord to make this website fruitful to all those who desire to walk on the welfare path of life following the codes of conduct prescribed by the Lord Swaminarayan. Also we pray to the Lord to awaken the devotees about the significance of this website which offers unique expression of the life and preachings as well as teachings of Lord Swaminarayan. It runs back into the past which unfolds the present and throws light on the future of the world.

Life in the present era is full of challenges and every rising sun brings a new battle. We may lose the game if we do not apply right thoughts at the right time. This website Harismruti provides right thought for the present moment. Engrave the lines below in your heart.

​For the want of a nail the shoe was lost,
For the want of a shoe the horse was lost,
For the want of a horse the soldier was lost,And
For the want of a soldier the battle was lost!

​|| Jai Swaminarayan ||